2016 SCTA:


Endorsement Requirements

USTA Junior National Tournaments

The SCTA must select (endorse) players to attend USTA National Championship events, USTA Intersectional Team Championships, and USTA Zone Team Championships. Only the top ranked players in their divisions are eligible to play in the USTA National Championships, USTA Intersectional Team Championships, and USTA Zone Team Championships. To be considered for placement on the SCTA endorsement list to possibly compete in one of these tournaments, a player must meet the general endorsement policies and the endorsement requirements.


Endorsement Process


Once a player has met the tournament requirements for endorsement, he or she must make sure that he/she have met the General Policy and Procedure for Endorsement, which includes having a copy of their birth certificate on file with the SCTA. The SCTA will post the entire SCTA Endorsement List on the Southern California ranking page. If you do not notice your name on the list and you feel you have met the requirements, please contact the SCTA office immediately. It is not the responsibility of the Sectional Endorser to contact players to remind them about deadline dates for tournament entry applications.

General Policy & Procedure for Endorsement


1. Personal behavior and good sportsmanship shall be important factors for endorsement. Players who have exhibited a pattern of poor sportsmanship on or off the court may be refused endorsement.


2. To be eligible for placement on the SCTA standings list, a player must satisfy the following 2 setsof criteria: 1) be age eligible for that division and 2) played to completion in at least 1 SCTA sanctioned tournament in the past 12 months in that age division. This tournament must be a tournament that is held in the Southern California section. Players will receive credit for endorsement in the division in which they participated in, as well as all lower age divisions in

which they are eligible for placement on the SCTA standings list.


3. To be eligible for endorsement, a player must have a current USTA membership number on file with the SCTA, as well as a copy of the player’s birth certificate.


4. Only those juniors who “permanently" reside within the geographical area of the Southern California Tennis Association and who, in addition, must be American Citizens or Resident Aliens in possession of a valid Alien Registration Card, may apply for SCTA endorsement. In order to be classified as a "permanent" resident, a player's parent or legal guardian must legally reside in Southern California. The Sectional Endorsement Committee reserves the right to ask any player,

parent or legal guardian to furnish proof of residence, even though the junior may be holding a valid USTA card with SCTA designation.


5. Juniors who represent another country in any ITF junior team championship will NOT be eligible to participate in the SCTA Sectional Championships, USTA Zone Team Championships, USTA National Championship tournaments or any other USTA event requiring SCTA endorsement in the calendar year in which they represented the foreign country, as well as the following calendar year. If a player wishes to challenge this rule, the player may appeal to the SCTA Junior

Competition Committee. If the appeal is unsuccessful, the player may follow the steps outlined under USTA Reinstatement of Eligibility listed in the USTA Friend At Court publication.


6. The USTA no longer publishes a National Junior Schedule booklet. Please see for the 2017 USTA National Junior Tournament Schedule


7. The  SCTA Junior Competition Committee reserves the right to change endorsementrequirements at any time.

In 2017, the current SCTA standings lists will be used to formulate the order on each endorsement list,

there will no longer be any tournament participation requirement. Each standings list date is published

below. The following tournaments will require SCTA endorsement in order to participate in:

• USTA Zone Team Championships (USTA Level 2 team ranking, July 27-31). The SCTA will use the standings list published the week of June 12th. (Note: CTC results WILL BE included for Zonals selection)

• USTA National Clay Court Championships (USTA Level 1 ranking, July 16/17-22/23). The SCTA will use the standings list published the week of June 12th.

• The USTA National Championships (USTA Level 1 ranking, August 4/5/6-12/13). The SCTA will use the standings list published the week of July 3rd.

• USTA National Winter Championships (USTA Level 1 ranking, December 27-January 2). The SCTA will use the standings list published the week of November 20th.

• Selection for the USTA Intersectional Team Championships will be determined using the 2017 SCTA Junior Team Selection Process (see below)

The SCTA Junior Competition Committee reserves the right to change the endorsement standings lists dates at any time for a cogent reason.




July 1-5 BG14 USTA Intersectional Team Championships – Auburn, AL (4 BG14s)

1. Winner Henry Talbert 14s

2. Winner Fullerton 14s

3. Winner Woody Hunt 14s

4. SCTA/Committee Selection


July 1-5 BG16 USTA Intersectional Team Championships – Shreveport, LA (4 BG16s)

1. Winner Henry Talbert 16s

2. Winner Fullerton 16s

3. Winner of Woody Hunt 16s

4. SCTA/Committee Selection


July 29-August 1 B18 USTA National Team Championships – Champaign, IL (7 B18s)

July 30-August 2 G18 USTA National Team Championships – Claremont, CA (7 G18s)

1. Winner of Henry Talbert 18s

2. Winner of Fullerton 18s

3. Winner of Woody Hunt 18s

4. Winner of Jr. Sectionals 18s

5. Finalists of Jr. Sectionals 18s

6. SCTA/Committee Selection

7. SCTA/Committee Selection



*Any Duplicates/Non-Acceptances of earned bid reverts to a SCTA/Committee Selection Spot*

2017 USTA Intersectional/National Team Selection Process

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