Parents, Coaches and Spectators.

Basically, if you:

- don't follow the rules

- display bad manners

- throw a racket in anger

- use foul language

you may be given a suspension point or points.

If you get too many points, you will be SUSPENDED from USTA competition for 3, 6 or 12 months depending on the points you've stacked up.

If you don't want to be suspended... ever... then just be a great kid with a super attitude.

PARENTS Set the example for your kids by creating a positive and encouraging environment.


PLAYERS  Handle victory and defeat with grace and dignity and treat opponents with fairness and courtesy.

COACHES  Stress importance of Sportsmanship as highly as the development of strokes and strategy.


We have been having this happen too often.
It is clear in the rule book. Make sure you DO NOT enter overlapping tournaments or two tournaments at one time.

5 suspension points are issued for this violation.



The PPSS assists tennis officials in assuring that each player plays under fair conditions at all USTA So Cal sanctioned junior tournaments. The officials use a regulated system that deters bad conduct both by players and coaches/parents. Yes parents...your behavior can be penalized and the point(s) will go to your child.




There isn't an exact guideline. There are suggestions in the USTA yearbook, but the chair umpire has final say in the offense and the issued penalty.


First Offense — Point

Second Offense — Game

Third Offense — Default


Examples of Violations & Penalties are listed to the right. A complete list is available in the Friend of Court Handbook. A download is available on the Players & Parents page.



2017 Sportsmanship & Grievance Procedures(Document Download)


    Would you like to file a grievance?


    The SCTA Grievance Form is intended for grievances on Southern California players that occurred at a Southern California sanctioned tournament (non-National tournament).


    To report a violation of USTA or SCTA Regulations, standards of conduct, fair play, or good sportsmanship at a Southern California junior tournament, you must file a written grievance with the SCTA Sportsmanship & Grievance Committee.


    The Committee has asked all grievances to be initially filed via one of two methods (ANONYMOUS GRIEVANCES WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED):


    Online Form: SCTA Grievance

    Download PDF: SCTA Grievance

    Fill out the form completely.


    Send it to:



    Jackie Owens


    Postal Mail:

    Jackie Owens

    c/o USTA Southern California Headquarters

    P.O. Box 240015

    Los Angeles, CA 90024-9115




    Grievance on a non-So Cal player at a SCTA sanctioned event

    Please contact the player’s section office. Any incident that occurs at a National tournament must be sent to the National Grievance Committee:






    YES, you can appeal.

    …within 30 days.




    If ALL your suspension points were accrued from Southern California sanctioned tournaments (non-National), the SCTA Sportsmanship and Grievance Committee will hear your appeal. Please email any and all documentation supporting your case to


    The SCTA Sportsmanship & Grievance Committee (or the San Diego District Grievance Committee) reserves the right to affirm, modify, or reverse the prior decision, and to impose any additional penalties that may be deemed appropriate.


    If ANY suspension points were accrued at USTA sanctioned tournaments (National tournament), you will be appealing to:

    Grievance Chairperson

    c/o USTA Executive Director

    70 West Red Oak Lane

    White Plains, NY 10604


    You must also notify my office of your intentions:  Lew Brewer, USTA
    10399 Flores Dr.

    Boca Raton, FL 33428.



    APPEAL WITHIN 30 DAYS of your notice of suspension.


    If you request an appeal and if the initial decision affirms the suspension, your suspension will begin on the date the decision is mailed unless the decision states otherwise or unless a stay is granted.


    IF YOU CHOOSE NOT TO APPEAL this suspension, your suspension will begin thirty (30) days after the date of this notice.  The suspension includes all USTA and SCTA sanctioned events.  In the event that no USTA National Championship falls during the three-month period, you shall not be accepted into the National Championship immediately following the three-month suspension period.




  • EXAMPLES: Violations & Penalties

    • Visible or audible bad language by player, parent or coach

    • Verbal or physical abuse of a player or official

    • Not resuming play after a medical time-out

    • Obvious cramping immediately after a medical time-out

    • Not resuming play after a treatment on a changeover or set break

    • Not playing within 20 seconds of having been directed to resume play

    • Passage of 20 seconds after any time violation

    • Leaving the playing area for an unauthorized reason

    • Abuse of racket, balls, net, etc.

    • Coaching

    • Abusive conduct by a player or a person associated with a player

    • Retaliatory calls (an obvious bad call made in retaliation for an opponent's call)

    • Unsportsmanlike conduct or any other conduct that is abusive or detrimental to the sport

    • Violation of any USTA tournament regulation



    First Offense — Warning

    Each Additional Violation - One Point Penalty

    • Delay between points or after warm-up

    • Violation of the 90-second changeover or 120-second set break rules



    • Both players equally late - less than 15 minutes — No penalty

    • Both players arrive late but at different times: The penalty accrues with the arrival of the first player (A). His opponent (B) loses the serve/end option and the loss of one, two, or three games depending on the time elapsing between A's arrival and B's arrival.

    • Both players are more than 15 minutes late: The referee may default both players, or he may reinstate the match using the principle in effect when both players are late but arrive different times.



    • 5 minutes or less — Loss of toss plus 1 game

    • More than 5 minutes to 10 minutes —

    • Loss of toss plus two (2) games

    • More than 10 minutes to 15 minutes —

    • Loss of toss plus three (3) games

    • More than 15 minutes — Default




To report general concerns about the administration of a Southern California junior tournament, contact Trevor Kronemann (, Ai Takamori (, or Megan Heneghan (


Annually, the SCTA Junior Competition Committee selects area sportsmanship winners to players who embody the ideals of fair play and sportsmanship.  The JCC also selects one boy and one girl per age division as the individual that personifies goodwill and sportsmanship by his/her representation on and off the court.


Players and officials are encouraged to recognize good sportsmanship by notifying the SCTA office of individuals who should be considered for these awards.  Please do that by e-mailing Trevor Kronemann directly at

USTA Southern California Headquarters

420 Charles Young Drive West

P.O. Box 240015

Los Angeles, CA 90024-9115



310. 208.3838

FAX: 310. 824.7691

Call SCTA and ask for a member of the Junior/Youth Team 310.208.3838